The Well Tempered Pianist four-hand team offers concerts and workshops to demonstrate how to apply the Alexander Technique to the intricacies of music making and have fun in the process!



Mother’s Day Concert 2014

The Well Tempered Pianist is every musician released from the obstacles they have created for themselves. Finding your true musician within allows you to experience the music as you hear it. This work is based on the principles of F.M. Alexander along with the pianistic backgrounds of Deborah Adams and Michael Serio.

WTP workshops teach you skills that last a lifetime. You will experience your playing in a new way, opening you to possibilities beyond your wildest dreams…

What We Believe

Music can be a joyful experience for everyone. You can learn to relinquish obstacles that prevent you from becoming the pianist you work so hard to become. Through our unique approach to the Alexander Technique and piano, you will learn the tools you need to help you rid yourself of your obstacles and discover the best of yourself in your playing.

For more information, please send an email to:
info 'at' TheWellTemperedPianist 'dot' com

The right thing does itself – F M Alexander