Debi Adams is a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique having received her certificates from Tommy Thompson and from Alexander Technique International. She is also a Nationally Certified Teacher of Piano.

Debi holds a Master of Music Degree in Piano Performance from Boston University. She currently teaches the Technique at the Boston Conservatory of Music and the Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge (a teacher training course), maintains a private practice in piano and the Alexander Technique and performs in the Boston area. She has taught workshops throughout the USA and in the Czech Republic.

Debi’s interest in the work stems from her own experience recovering from hand injury. The Alexander work was last in a long line of investigations toward healing. It was the only discipline that sufficiently addressed her needs. She feels a responsibility to share this important work with others. She has published articles in various music and Alexander journals. You can read her article on Piano and Alexander Technique.

While we are all influenced by our entire life’s path, I feel indebted to Tommy Thompson and Frederik Wanger for their contributions to the release of my WTP.

More information about Debi: DebiAdamsAT.com

Michael Serio is a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique having received his certificate from Tommy Thompson’s AT training center in Cambridge, MA in 2009. Mike’s study of the Alexander Technique began through a course at the Boston Conservatory offered by Debi in 2002 and continued with private study. In short, this work has transformed his piano playing and life.  You can read his article on the Alexander Technique and piano performance and How to Prevent Chronic Pain and Career-Ending Injuries

In July 2009, Mike competed in the 7th Washington International Piano Artists Competition and won the following prizes:

  • Audience Choice Award
  • Best performance of a Contemporary Work
  • Most Imaginative Program
  • Third place

I feel indebted to Debi, Tommy Thompson, many supportive friends in the AT community and a special thanks to my son, Tony, who have stood by me through the many ups and downs of this journey.

More information about Mike: MichaelSerio.com

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